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Hi! 👋 I’m a Machine Learning engineer, Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning, and co-founder of Deep Tech LLC in Mongolia.

I completed my undergraduate studies at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology in Mongolia, followed by my graduate studies at Chungbuk National University in South Korea. I’m extremely interested in the Music Information Retrieval field which explores retrieving information from music using deep learning and machine learning techniques.

During my leisure hours, I love playing the violin, piano, and ukulele, learning other musical instruments, singing, and developing my YT channel.

Outside of my work, I am passionate about encouraging those who are interested to learn and grow in the tech field and leading Women Techmakers Mongolia and Google Developers Group Ulaanbaatar communities.

In the past, I’ve worked as a machine learning engineer at Mmusic LLC, a research assistant at Chungbuk National University, a project manager at New Media Marketing Group, and a web developer and app developer at Sodonsolution LLC.

Public talks

  • aug 2023: Google Developers Group, IO Extended Ulaanbaatar 2023 info
  • jun 2023: Techgals Talks Podcast, Google IO Connect Amsterdam 2023 video
  • may 2023: Road to Google Developers Certification Workshop, DevSummit 2023 video
  • mar 2023: Regarding AI/ML trends in Mongolia, Mongolia National Broadcasting TV video
  • feb 2023: How I discovered my passion and pursued it as a profession, Peak news and media website video content
  • jan 2023: Breaking Barriers: My Journey as a Women in Tech and an AI/ML Engineer, Storytelling Master class for Tech Companies photo
  • dec 2022: Music in AI with Tensorflow, Google Developer Group – Devfest 2022 video
  • sep 2022: Women Techmakers panel discussion, Hub Innovation Open Week photo
  • may 2022: Travel through Artificial Intelligence, Rio Tinto video
  • may 2022: Music Information Retrieval, LETU University
  • apr 2022: Who is a women tech maker, Morning talk photo
  • mar 2022: AI music composition, DevSummit 2022 info
  • dec 2021: Ambassador Interview, Google Women Techmakers video

Research papers

  • Munkhbat, K., & Ryu, K. H. (2020). Classifying Songs to Relieve Stress Using Machine Learning Algorithms. In Advances in Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing: Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on IIH-MSP in Conjunction with the 12th International Conference on FITAT, July 18-20, Jilin, China (Vol. 2, p. 411). Springer.
  • Munkhbat, K., Munkhdalai, L., Batbaatar, E., & Ryu, K. H. (2018). Advisor application for child healthcare. í•œêµ­ì½˜í…ì¸ í•™íšŒ ICCC 논문집, 47-48.
  • Munkhbat, K., & Ryu, K.H. (2019). Music Generation Using Long Short-Term Memory. ICISCA 2019, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Pham, V.H., Munkhbat, K., & Ryu, K.H. (2020). A Classification of Music Genre using Support Vector Machine with Backward Selection Method. ICISCA 2020, Ho Chi Min, Vietnam
  • Jung, D., Munkhbat, K., and Ryu, K.H. (2020). An Implementation of Ionic based hybrid mobile application for controlling Bluetooth Low Energy-based humidifier device. IIHMSP/FITAT2020, Ho Chi Min, Vietnam
  • Munkhbat, K., Jargalsaikhan, B., Amarbayasgalan, Ts., Theera-Umpon, N., & Ryu, K.H. (2020). Emotional Piano Melodies Generation using Long Short-Term Memory. ACIIDS2021, Phuket, Thailand

Joys of Life

  • Being with loved ones
  • Playing the violin, piano, and ukulele and singing
  • Doing yoga and transcendental meditation
  • Drinking a coffee or something tasty
  • Listening to the “Lumineers”, “Of Monsters and Men”, and other indie rocks. Recently I’ve liked Wet Leg
  • Loving and feeling every moment of life

Journey and Destinations

🟢 lived or living, 🔵 visited